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Daniel Price

Daniel Price’s paintings and portraits combine vibrant color, dramatic composition, and energetic brushwork to create a sense of emotional intensity. Drawing inspiration from the culture of his hometown of New Orleans, Daniel’s work is filled with musicality and passion. Having come of age in a place where life is seen as a continual celebration, Daniel celebrates the everyday in his imagery of his studio, streets scenes and his portraits of people and animals. With a firm understanding of traditional painting, Daniel uses his skills to create images that pay homage to painters of the past yet still feel very contemporary. In his portraiture, Daniel is not concerned so much with creating a likeness as with capturing the dynamic between the artist and the sitter. When the sitter is a dog – the resulting paintings are strange mix of drama and humor.
In his series of five paintings depicting Mardi Gras Indians, Daniel captures the vibrancy and drama of the costumes and people at the heart of a unique New Orleans tradition. Mardi Gras Indians are a society of social organizations comprised, in large part, of the African-Americans of New Orleans’ inner cities. They have paraded for over a century in groups formed as imaginary Indian tribes and named according to the streets of their neighborhood. The Mardi Gras Indians modeled themselves after Native Americans to pay them respect for their assistance in escaping the tyranny of slavery. It is now a tradition and practice for the Mardi Gras Indians to compare their tribal song, dance and dress with other tribes as they meet on Mardi Gras day. Each Indian has invested thousands of hours and dollars in the creation of his suit, and on Mardi Gras morning, as well as St. Josephs day, the Indian tribes meet to parade. Daniel’s brushwork and rich palette reflect the energy of the experience.

BFA Southern Methodist University

Selected Exhibitions:
The Night Show- Group Exhibition The Fuse Gallery San Francisco November 2003
Art Explosion Open Studios San Francisco October 2003
Platform: Travel Adventure & Motion- Group Exhibition San Francisco June 2003
Daniel Price and Annie Folk- Recent Work 381G Gallery San Francisco January 2000

"Rain Chant"
oil on panel, "16x24"
Not For Sale
"Mari Gras Indian"
oil on panel, 26"x43"
Not For Sale
"Mari Gras Indian" (detail)
oil on panel, 26"x43"
Not For Sale
oil on panel, 16"x24"
Not For Sale

"Skull Chief "
oil on panel, 24"x31"
Not For Sale

"Big Chief "
oil on panel, 33"x28"
Not For Sale

oil on panel, 26"x37"
Not For Sale
"Spyboy" (detail)
oil on panel, 26"x37"
Not For Sale
"Spyboy" (detail)
oil on panel, 26"x37"
Not For Sale
oil on panel, 22"x31"
Not For Sale
"Street View "
oil on panel, 12"x16"
Not For Sale
"Self Portrait "
oil on panel, 13"x16"
Not For Sale
"Reclining Hound "
oil on panel, 24"x31"
Not For Sale
"Reading Sarah "
oil on panel, 13"x19"
Not For Sale
"Studio South"
oil on panel, 12"x15"
Not For Sale
"Studio North"
oil on panel, 12"x15"
Not For Sale
"King Floyd "
oil on panel, 37"x72"
Not Fpr Sale
"Palm Carrier"
oil on panel, 17"x27"
Not For Sale


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